Jr. Data Scientist

Job Location: Chesterfield, MO

Must-Have Skills: Data Analytics Models, Algorithms and Solutions, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization.

Job Description:

  • Skills relating to Mathematics/Statistics .
  • Graduate/Engineer/Post-Graduate with a huge interest in handling numbers.
  • Ability to understand all domains in businesses across various sectors.
  • A natural passion for numbers, business, coding, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, visualization.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Analyze large and complex data sets from multiple sources.
  • Develop and evaluate data analytics models, algorithms and solutions.
  • Implement algorithms to mine targeted data and the ability to convert data into a business story.
  • Translate business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Data extraction, preparation, and transformation.
  • Identify, develop and implement statistical techniques and algorithms that address business challenges and adds value to the organization.
  • Gather requirements and communicate findings in the form of a meaningful story with the stakeholders.
  • Create and implement data models.
  • Interact with clients for queries and delivery adoption.

Education Requirement: All User Experience/Social Computing, Software Design, Library Sciences, Data Mining, Cyber Security, Information Systems Management, Computer Science, Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunications, Data Science, and Computer Programming majors.