Fullstack developer (Salesforce)

Location: –  800 N Lindberg Blvd Creve Coeur MO 63141

Job Description: –

Backlog Grooming and Analyzing Requirement’s – 20%.

  • Involve in the end user meeting and analyze the business requirements for the new application development using Salesforce Lightning, Apex Code, JQuery, Triggers, process builders, JavaScript, CSS.
  • Analyze the requirements to integrate Salesforce with Product 360, Company 360, Customer 360 and Event 360.
  • Involve in Sprint planning meeting and prioritize the work requests as per the business requirement.
  • Work with Business architect and product design teams to freeze user requirements.

Development of Code and Configuration – 40 %.

  • Perform Territory setup and activate the Territories in Salesforce. Assign Accounts to the corresponding Accounts.
  • Work on setting up the Salesforce Out of the box Security model using Profiles and Permission sets.
  • Develop Lightning Components for Search and Sorting of Large data sets.
  • Develop Custom code in Force.com Platform for Sales forecasting screen. The custom page should be built to display data depending on the country the sales rep is logged in from.
  • Develop custom code using Ligthning Aura framework, JavaScript, Apex Controller, SOQL, CSS.
  • Build SOQL scripts to get the count of records in the system and to build the custom logic to avoid governor limits imposed by Salesforce platform during development.
  • Build Objects and write custom logic to populate the data depending on the user entry in Offer Management. These objects in Salesforce are integrated with other application.
  • Write Apex Triggers to handle rollup of Data after receiving it from Mobile application. Logic should be written to handle bulk data loads as it is being loaded whenever the application comes to online from offline mode. Write Batch classes and schedule the batch jobs to handle large data sets and clean-up of data.
  • Depending on the application needs, synchronous and asynchronous processes needs to be developed.
  • Write SOAP and REST API web services for integrating with internal and External Applications.
  • o Work with Conductor team (AWS) for extracting and transforming the historical sales Data.

Write Code to make sure that logic written in Force.com is meeting the Code Coverage requirements (95%).

Testing – 15 %

  • Create test Cases to test the functionality.
  • Write Test Scripts using Apex code to load data to test the Salesforce Governor Limits.
  • Write test classes using @isTest method in Apex to meet the code coverage requirement and need to include all the test scenarios of the application. This includes negative test cases as well.
  • Test for Exception handling scenarios.
  • Assist Users in User acceptance testing and fix the issues found during the testing.

Production Support – 10 %

  • Debug and fix all the issues related to the Offer Management application.
  • Perform Root Cause analysis for the post production issues. Post production issues have SLA’s depending upon the severity of the issues.
  • Support minor enhancements on the applications.

Project Training and Documentation – 15 %

  • Train users on application navigation in each Sprint Demo and Review meetings.
  • Create Entity Relationship diagram to get an understanding of the data and the relationship between the salesforce objects (Lookup or Master-Detail).
  • Work with product specialist to complete the user training Manual.
  • Work with Product specialist to create Personas in the applications and User creation process in ACS system.

Minimum Education Required: – This position requires a candidate with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, information technology, or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects.