Salesforce Developer

Job Location: – 18301, Bermuda Green Dr, Tampa, FL 33647.

Job Description: 

  • Should be a major role player in all phases of Software development life cycle [SDLC] implementing the salesforce Administrative activities, Business analysis, and development. Also propose feasible solutions for the critical incidents/requirements to business in case of framework implementations.
  • Analyze business requirements, create required Objects, tabs, fields. Implement Lead assignment rules, case assignment rules in Salesforce standard, and custom objects as per business needs.
  • Work on all the administrative activates of DTCC like creating and manage validation rules, workflows, process builders etc.
  • As a certified salesforce developer with high standardized business knowledge, customize Visualforce pages, apex classes, keying SOQL and SOSL queries in case of unsupportable standard SF functionalities for the concerned business requirement.
  • Create Apex triggers and classes for VisualForce pages, create Salesforce custom Lightning components to achieve or to automate the redundant Salesforce processes as per business needs.
  • Implement JavaScript in apex classes, Triggers, custom pages, and custom components if the salesforce standard (Apex) functions do not fulfill requirement criteria.
  • Responsible for leading and delegating team tasks post grooming. Delivers efficient requirements with much effectiveness, consistency, and optimacy.
  • Mediate with salesforce team for solutioning of requirements that are linked with cases. Responsible for handling both SF Classic and lightning communities versions efficiently. Involved in complex migration from classic to lightning.
  • Develop the Lightning Components using Aura framework and deploying them on communities and working on lightning components of client-server framework that accelerates development, as well as app performance.
  • Work and guide the offshore counterparts in task assignment, technical code review, and daily standup meetings.
  • Develop the Lightning Components using Aura framework and deploying them on communities.
  • Responsible for QA and production deployments using Salesforce deployment changesets.
  • Design and implement new workflow rules, approval processes, custom layouts, and other standard Salesforce customizations.

Minimum Education Required: – This position requires a candidate with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or its working equivalent in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems management or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects.