Software Developer Engineer and Test

Job Location: – 4405 Painters Mill Road, Owings Mills(Building 5), MD – 21117

Job Description: 

  • Design and develop test plan, test strategies, test scenarios, test steps and test scripts using Selenium WebDriver using BDD for Cucumber Framework and Java. Implemented Page Object Model (POM) for better maintenance and management of automation framework. Use gradle to build and run the Selenium automation framework.
  • Operate under Agile and Scrum frameworks to complete releases with well-organized sprints. Involve in Sprint Planning Sessions, Backlog Refinement meetings, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective Meetings and daily stand-up meetings to understand the business requirement and plan the testing process on regular basis.
  • Execute different testing methodologies with specialization in Web services and UI automation testing.
  • Perform the Functional, Smoke, Regression and End-to-End Testing. Maintain the Performance of Regression Suite that runs through the Jenkins pipeline. Make release approvals based on the End-to-End results.
  • Involve in writing the automated scripts for Angular JS application using Cucumber Protractor and Typescript followed by BDD(Behavior Driven Development) Framework.
  • Execute webservices tests with Postman, SoapUI and create an automated flow using Groovy Script, Java, JavaScript wherever required and to capture the data which is in the Database tables.
  • Develop the SQL queries to modify and check Database tables using complex structured queries.
  • Create an automation scripts to connect the Sql, DB2 database tables. Validate the data from the source tables like DB2, DBVisualizser, by sending the requests Using Soap UI, Ready API and Rest web services then captured the response from them.
  • Develop scripts for automating batch jobs, MQ messages through SoapUI and validate/compare the responses by using assertions. Write scripts for connecting to Couchbase server using SoapUI and execute N1QL queries as required for the validation purposes.
  • Participate in peer code reviews. Involve in providing the testing estimations for creating and executing the test scenarios and documenting the testing results for Manual, Automation Testing and Scripts.
  • Communicate with team members about testing challenges.

Minimum Education Required: – This position requires a candidate with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, information technology, or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects.