Teradata Database Administrator

Job Location: –  560 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, FL -33716.

Job Description: 

  • Create, maintain, and support Teradata architectural environment.
  • Work on creation of databases, tables, views, users, and grant them access.
  • Work with the development teams with design, implementation, and performance tuning of new and existing applications.
  • Perform database backup and recovery operations.
  • Develop pro-active processes for monitoring capacity and performance tuning.
  • Provide day to day support for the EDW users problems like job hands, slowdowns, inconsistent rows, re-validating headers for tables with RI constraints, PPI’s and configuration.
  • Support Teradata patch and upgrades collaborating with Teradata team and interfacing with the application sub vendors.
  • Maintain rules set in TASM and support workload management. Maintain the Teradata workload Manager with the proper partitions and workloads based on Service levels.
  • Support the database system and application server support for the Disaster Recovery (DR) build/test, annual drill, and quarterly maintenance as needed.
  • Actively monitor the health of the Teradata system and Teradata Managed Servers (TMS) using Viewpoint and other tools and application servers and make preventive or corrective actions as needed.
  • Maintain access rights, role rights, priority scheduling, and reporting using dynamic workload manager, Database Query Log (DBQL), usage collections and reporting of ResUsage, AmpUsage, security administration etc.
  • Coordinate with Teradata to perform Teradata system hardening and deliver SCSEM Reports as needed to address issues in the hardening and vulnerability scan report.
  • Generate and maintain capacity management, Space, and CPU reports on analyzing the Spool, CPU, I/O, Usage, and Storage resources and proactive monitoring to meet the performance and growth requirements.
  • Review and resolve Teradata alerts and communicate any risk/issues or impact to the management, team, and business users through appropriate communication strategy.
  • Create Teradata incident on issues, tracking using TAYS, set appropriate priorities, monitoring, and controlling, and work with Teradata to resolve issues promptly.

Minimum Education Required: – This is a professional position, and as such, we require, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree or its working equivalent in computer science, information systems engineering and management, information technology, relevant engineering, or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects.