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Application Integration


Application Integration

We offer strategic applications integration consulting with your business goals in mind. Smart IT uses the appropriate technology stack and pays extra attention to security, interoperability, and business continuity. We've been advancing enterprise application integration services for the past eight years and bringing our Clients' business strategies to life.

Wise Equation Solution fuels your enterprise's digital transformation initiatives through end-to-end integration of applications, databases, and workflows. From NetSuite, Salesforce, and ServiceNow Integration to Success Factors and AWS Integration, we help you set the pace and maximize ROI while meeting your evolving business needs.

Integrate your application & system with Aspire if you are looking to

  • Build architectural agility to prevent slowdowns or downtimes that cause enterprise-wide disruption, and instead, shorten go-to-market cycles.
  • Enable parallel system governance so that your process workflows are accurate and consistent, and your data management is secure and fully-compliant.
  • Integrate legacy systems that continue to run in on-premise data centers, without having to operate in isolation from your cloud-based environments.
  • Harness effective application portfolio management to optimize, enhance, and standardize your software applications to address immediate enterprise needs
  • Find an experienced end-to-end integration partner with the capability and the maturity to manage granular customizations to meet your enterprise's unique requirements.

Wise Eqaution utilizes a hybrid approach for project integrations which incorporates two methodologies: agile and waterfall. The sequential phased process from waterfall forces completion of certain steps before the commencement of the next. This allows participants at all skill sets to easily utilize the methodology because each phase has a specific review process of deliverables, making it easy to manage. Agile provides the flexibility of iterative development cycles, where users are able to see segments and provide feedback prior to completion of the phase.

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