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Wise Equation Solution provides Middleware Integration Services including Transformation , Performance monitoring & support and Middleware security services in Middleware that aids the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to plug in new or upgrade existing services. We have worked with multiple complex SOA projects. Our SOA approach is to enhance performance, optimizing architecture and managing upgrades. Wise Equation Solution can help you build an integration level that is Secure, Flexible & Scalable. We are a RedHat premium partner! and has assured skills with Open source technologies like Fuse that can help solve your integration needs.

Our middleware consultants can help you evaluate, migrate, and integrate top-rated middleware tools. We'll work with you to understand your middleware needs and recommend a solution that will help you overcome your challenges.

The new technology era is dominated by Everything-as-a-Service. And the middleware landscape, as part of the digital wave, API-led connectivity and API ecosystem, is making the mark of that change. LTI supports clients to onboard this new-age transformation, through enriched consulting and a meticulous migration approach.

Our middleware consulting services can help you:

  • Accelerate application development and deployment across on-premise, mobile, and cloud environments.
  • Integrate systems, applications and data across your entire enterprise.
  • Automate business processes in your organization.

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