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Selling the best product to the right customer has been every retailer's ongoing battle and firms are striving hard to fulfil the dynamic expectations of their customers in this hyper connected world. Retail as a platform needs to build a cohesive experience across the value chain of Planning, Buying, Moving and Selling. This can only be fulfilled by an agile IT infrastructure for better service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Wise Equation Solutions Provides Integrated Solutions for Retailers in the United States. By integrating a retail business's ecommerce system with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point of sale (POS) systems, we help retailers managed data to seamlessly flow back and forth, providing a wide range of benefits for the business and their customers.

Optimize Retailing

Complete Data Visibility

Get a real-time 360 degree view of your customer data to unify and manage your customer's data from marketing platforms, CRM, ERP, POS and more.

Automate Your Supply Chain

Power your supply chain by integrating your warehouse management, transportation management and ERP systems, leading to a well-oiled supply chain.

Improve Customer Experience

Integrate all your customer data, including personal details, financial info, social engagement and more, to provide a more personalized buying experience.

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