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Data Analytics


Data Analytics

Wise Equation Solutions provides enterprise strategy for delta lake and data warehouse implementation solutions for building analytics infrastructure to identify critical data, secure and govern it with the proper management and visualization platforms, tools, and processes.Big Data Analytics Services offering includes identifying business-relevant analytical tools, breaking database silos, and gaining actionable insights. Wise Equation Solutions provides enterprise strategy and consulting for building analytical capabilities that can support engineering with technology and vendor-agnostic as possible. Wise Equation Solutions provides Hybrid, Multi-Cloud environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Private Cloud.

Wise Equation Solution Data Analytics Consulting Services

Wise Equation's data consulting services help companies aggregate all different type of data - structured, unstructured - so that it can be properly aggregated and analyzed. We strive to create a memorable, unique and efficient service. As your big data consultant, we will provide the following and more:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Innovation
  • Data Planning

Our Data Engineering and Data Analytics Services

Data engineers at Wise Equation Solutions will find, organize, and store big data for your project, either as a part of your own IT department or as an extended team.

  • Reviewing your current data architecture to analyze data sources and define data lakes or DWHs
  • Cleaning, processing, and transforming data into usable formats for model development
  • Building data pipelines that gather, process, store, and help access data.
  • Consult on selecting the best fitting open source or proprietary big data analytics tools and products for your project.
  • Helping choose among big data platforms for managing your data infrastructures, such as Cloudera, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google BigQuery, Teradata, SAP, IBM, Oracle, and more.