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CRM Integration


CRM Integration

CRM consulting services will help you plan the best strategy for sales, marketing and customer support activities, and achieve the highest ROI from CRM implementation. Here at Wise Equation Solutions, our CRM consultants do their best to meet diverse business needs with tailored CRM solutions.

Wise Equation Solutions works with both B2B and B2C companies for over years. Our sales intelligence pros help improve conversion and retention rate, which leads to substantial revenue increase. Our CRM consulting services will help you improve lead conversions, unify customer data, and boost sales rates.

The CRM consulting services we offer encapsulates every aspect of implementation, training, and execution. We ensure the system works just as planned and train your employees to properly use your new software before the go-live date. We provide support throughout the lifetime of your product, ready to step in at any time to fix a failing process or streamline sales cycles.

Key Features

  • Our CRM data integration solution offers an easy learning curve, consistent application user interface, and a familiar development experience.
  • Our integration software is equipped with many sophisticated error handling options which give you piece of mind that your data integration job is robust enough to deal with any type of error, including those intermittent ones.
  • We offer a simple and cost effective licensing model based on integration servers instead of users.
  • Our intuitive user interface enables rapid ETL development that eliminates any need for coding.

By integrating your CRM processes, you will also be helping communication within your company. Your employees will have easy access to all data sets, regardless of what part of the office they work in. When problems arise, your employees will be able to easily tackle them on their own, without having to deal with back and forth emails between departments to figure out who has the proper data set and answers to resolve the issue. Employees will also feel more empowered to deal with problems on their own and will be able to understand all data sets of customer interaction better.

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