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Sitecore Developer

Sitecore Developer
Job Location: 1331 Grand Ave Station, Des Moines, IA 50309
Job Description

  • Develop web applications using Sitecore 9.3, ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5, Web forms and, C #, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Visual Studio 2017, jQuery, Java script, Angular, HTML, CSS, SQL Server. Gather, design, program, test and implement major systems in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements.
  • Create Templates, Layouts, Renderings, Rules Engine, Custom Pipelines, Sitecore API, Roles & Authorization, Workflows, Publishing, Deployment, Packages, Subsites, Multilingual websites, Migration, Scaling, etc., in Sitecore CMS tool version 9.3 gathering the functional specification from the Marketing team.
  • Work on Glass Mapper as the ORM to map Sitecore objects to class library for faster Sitecore development and Solr search engine for the indexing of the web pages along the site.
  • Work on Sitecore application setup, Front end, Back-end development, package deployment, admin activities. Assist marketing team in publishing web content on a daily basis and support if they encounter any issues.
  • Involve in module development, author unit test cases, include debugging of complex cross browser CSS, HTML issues and support of production sites. Handle browser compatibility issues in browser such as IE, Firefox, and Chrome also develop UI pages using media queries and made completely responsive.
  • Active participation in review meetings with the project manager, collaborating with the teammates and cross- functional team to ensure that the development of projects meets business and system requirements meeting the project deliverables.

Minimum Education Required:- All the responsibilities mentioned above are in line with the professional background and requires an absolute minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, information technology, or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects.

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